Interested in Linux Mint and others. Think I'm doing something good with the help to translate some projects here. Makes fun and is usable. Contact me if you want.

0.5) :D Wish I had more rights for in the Translation Group of the German
     Ubuntu Package Descriptions Area.....(perhaps it would be... someday
1) Give me coffee
2) Give me time
3) Give me a computer
4) Give me my Launchpad :D
5)... my Teams
6) ...and a SYSTEM i can provide my translations to :)

Projects helping in:

gscan to pdf
done the last few translations to german
now 100 % completed

Update Package-Descriptions in Ubuntu
I've done (since yesterday) some new suggestions in the Update-Package descriptions (GERMAN) fo far.
Have also seen some have been reviewed and used. :) Thx for it.

Thx again for the appreciation of my work in the descriptions and the take-over of my translation suggestions.

- kind regards and thanks to the german loco team of Linux Mint and Ubuntu
  for giving me more room to contribute my work :)

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