Silva integrated with PAS (Pluggable Authentication Service)

Written for Silva by Kit Blake on 2008-05-26

For anyone who's dealing with other authentication systems besides the classic LDAP, we'd like to announce that we now have Silva integrated with PAS.

For some parties this is not news. The people in Vienna at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien created their own implementation a while ago. But we now have a generic integration which makes it possible to use various PAS plugins.

One of those plugins is for OpenID, and thanks to Marc Petitmermet (who's at ETH Zürich, but it was funded from another source) we now have OpenID authentication working for Silva.

We're not going to do a special release. It's available as an 'egg', or you can try things out directly from our svn:

Soon we'll be putting a demo online which includes the OpenID login functionality. If you're only interested in that, wait a few days.

Updated on 2008-05-26.

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